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The First Nations Financial Transparency Act

I was angry, yesterday. Said some harsh words.
I'm calmer, today.
Still thinking on the First Nations Financial Transparency Act.
Such a racist act. It's not an act which does what it purports to do. Rather, it's meant to open up First Nations governments like a tin can, so that the government can do as it wants to First Nations people, and more importantly, do as it will with the lands First Nations people live upon. Scoop out resources and title as one would sardines.
It's designed to shame and ridicule our First Nations leaders.
Mistakes, and deficits are the same as crimes, according to this act. And the government can spin any audit into any shape it wants, if it pays the right company the right price. Remember that sham audit of Attawapiskat? Imagine that, but across the nation of Canada.
And when it does its job of marginalizing our First Nations leaders, the government then has full authority to replace our leadership with third party management.
Which is bullshit. This reeks of patronization.
We First Nations already have our at our disposal full authority to trounce our leaders out of office. We have recall elections. We have the right to challenge our leadership in court. Our leaders are as beholden to the law as any other Canadian governments.
I don't know about other bands, but my own bands' elections are incredibly contentious. They're hard fought, and our leaders have to earn every damn vote. And our leaders are challenged on their every decision right from the day they're voted in, until the final day of their current term in office.
No, the First Nations Financial Transparency Act does not do what the Canadian governments says it does. This act is a crowbar, meant to tear apart First Nations communities from the very foundations.
It is the most singularly disgusting piece of legislation Harper has passed in his time in office.


  1. I also find this act despicable and racist. But this government has no compunction when it comes to undermining anyone that it thinks stands in its way of total power They have tried to do something very similar to trade unions while trying to give people the impression that Unions are undemocratic and unaccountable. Yet funny enough they have made no effort to create any transparency in the finances of political parties.

  2. The assumption is that First Nation governments are corrupt and/or inept. Like Kirby mentioned, Harper hates unions and has passed similar legislation to destroy them and permanently taint their image with the public. Harper has done a similar hatchet job on public, crown corporations with the intent of tarnishing their image and making a case for privatization. And the newest target for financial accountability are charities that don't fall in line with Harper's vision of a better world. How dare Oxfam try to eradicate poverty when a charitable goal is to relieve some of the pressures of poverty.

    However, not only are political parties exempt but so are private corporations who receive direct subsidies from 'taxpayers' and indirect billions from ridiculously low tax rates and generous loopholes. And on the charitable front, every racist, sexist and homophobic religious mission gets tax exemptions on their assets and charitable status for their fundraising without ever, ever being called to account.


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