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First Nations leaders leery of government measures on child welfare

CBC News
Well, yes. Of course it would make First Nations somewhat cautious. The number seems arbitrary. Arrived at because it was the freed money from another budget.
First and foremost, the government needs to consult First Nations leaders. There are organizations set up, mainly by First Nations, which can lead to an overarching dialogue, even with dozens of disparate and widely varied First Nation cultures throughout Canada.
I'm sure a face to face meeting between Trudeau and Bellegarde would've helped this process along quite nicely.
But at the moment, it seems like Canadian leaders are hiding away, avoiding First Nations leadership, and this announcement was meant to placate white voters with a conscience, rather than about working with First Nations. Listen to First Nations concerns and criticisms. That shouldn't be difficult to do.

Nigel Farage, and the right wing

Nigel Farage has stepped down from the UKIP leadership.
This is one complaint I have about the right wing, in general. They know how to break things down, but don't have a clue to when it comes to building things up.
Anyway, this will probably muddy up the waters. There are calls for another referendum, but if the vote remains the same, then what? Has anything really changed, other than Johnson and Farage vacating their positions? Has the sentiment within the UK as a whole changed entirely, or are news reporters simply parroting Remain talking points?
We'll see, I suppose.