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'This is unprecedented': Alert, Nunavut, is warmer than Victoria

CBC News

Well, unprecedented, but not unexpected. It's Global Weirding, caused by Climate Change. Expect the unexpected until either it happens to you, or the new oncoming climate finally normalizes. The latter may take hundreds of years.

Now, just to be clear, normalization doesn't mean the climate will return to normal, as we have been historically used to, but rather whatever the climate becomes after it goes through its molting is what will become the new normal.

Trudeau defends anti-pipeline Liberal candidate, reaffirms commitment to Trans Mountain

CBC News

There's much I wish to express about this issue, but the words escape me. It's a big problem though, and the best solution would probably be to avoid this situation entirely. Just sidestep it. But there are a whole lot of people who are just gung-ho about this project, but there's a hell of a lot of warning flags to it. It's a money pit. It's a financial disaster in the making. Whoever is the last in control of it, loses. First Nations would probably be safest backpedaling from it, and refraining from taking any side. Siphon off project dollars, but refrain from committing. Let the government lose its money. Don't try for ownership. It's a damn trap, which'll allow the government to blame First Nations mismanagement. Recognize it for the dying beast it is.

The Most Dangerous Type of Eruptions - Flood Volcanism explained

Fact in Motion

There's much to unpack here. As bad as I thought things could get regarding climate change, I didn't imagine things get worse than my imagination. I don't think mad-made climate change will get as bad as the worst basalt eruptions, but it could be pretty bad, in the end.

It probably won't get to upwards of 15 degrees higher, but it could land between 5 and 10 degrees higher, which is still incredibly destructive for life as we know it.