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We're witnessing the hints of an oncoming sea change in politics

Trump will probably win the Republican nomination.
What's hilarious is how neo-liberals and neo-conservatives have paved his path toward this still small success. They'd created this opening for such a man to enter into the halls of power. And now, they're panicking.
And even if he doesn't win the presidential election, there probably are others watching and observing Trump's political success.
If Trumps wins more success in the US political system, then his currently radical policies will quickly become normalized.
For the past thirty-ish years, we've been living in the age of Reagan. Now, his influence, and the influence of his peers and students is waning. The age of Reagan is coming to an end.
It is times like this when radical ideas begin to normalize, and become adopted by the powerful, seeking different avenues into ever greater power when the old bottlenecks are thoroughly controlled by the old guard.
However, liberals and progressives have been caught …