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Cracked is becoming one of my favorite sites

Or rather, it already has been for quite some time.
4 Iconic Parts of Suburbs That Are Going Away Forever
An interesting article on the drawbacks of suburban living. One thing I'd never considered is suburbs are expensive to live in, but also expensive to maintain. Very interesting. Of course, like most articles on Cracked, it's merely a primer. It could be so much more, though.

Blame History, I suppose

'Helping Assad is shameful,' Mulcair says of proposed mission expansion into Syria
Supporting Assad is shameful. He's a terrible man, but at the same time, ISIS is probably worse. But in the end, we probably should've left the whole thing alone to begin with. And by we, I actually mean the US government, which seemed giddy at the time to be working to destabilize another Middle-Eastern/African nation's government.
We, Canada, should probably reconsider blindly supporting the US on every one of its military misadventures. The only difference we're making, and by we I mean NATO, is making things worse.
Next time, let's not hesitate to refrain from rushing in to the next conflagration. Let's actually take some time to think things through. Using our noggins first might actually make the biggest difference of all.
Of course, that's actually quite a whole lot to ask of the Harper regime here in Canada, but still.

Documents Reveal Canada’s Secret Hacking Tactics

The Intercept
This is dismaying. Why do these people insist on breaking important privacy laws, when following the law brings about usually superior results? It's sociopathic.
Seriously, it's sociopathic. We don't need this. Diplomacy works ten times better than this. But I suppose Harper's government is incapable of that. So this sort of anti-social behavior is all that's left to the CSIS.

The human animal

The human being. I honestly don't understand the need to attach being to human. Being what? I don't get it.
Let's be honest, here. We're really the human animal. We live according to our instincts, for the most part, and we attach a sense of unearned superiority to anything we do that it's almost ridiculous.
Humans are capable of reason, but don't actually use it. What is reason? An idea there's a rational human within us, I suppose.
There might be. There's examples throughout both fiction and history. But for the most part, we're simply overgrown monkeys. Possibly our evolution happened because millions of years ago too many of our ancestors fell out of the safety of the tree direct onto their heads, and we're the result of concussed genetics.
Consider me a cynic. I don't believe people rationally choose their leaders. I hazard to guess most people look at the candidates, and usually choose who looks like the best leader, rather than to lis…

The Earth is Alive

It is not a being in a manner we can absolutely comprehend. It's deeper mysteries are probably too much for our abnormally large monkey brains. We can make good guesses as to its nuances and behaviors, but how do we prove anything above the level of the idea we believe there to be a molten core at its heart? We believe it breathes and maintains its temperature through the trees, the air, and the ocean. We can make good guesses at all this, modeling to best of our knowledge what it all may look like, and predict its future behavior, but we don't actually know, for certain.
Which may seem like a weakness to some. We're nothing more than animals, really. We follow the strong, and the strong are certain. Uncertainty seems alike to fear to some.
The Earth is alive, and it is ancient. We are mere insects to it, really. Its age is unfathomable, honestly. We can only imagine a time before humans. We wish for a sense of superiority, as though we're somehow important in the gran…

Gogama derailment: Stronger tanker cars not the only answer, expert says

Gogama derailment: Stronger tanker cars not the only answer, expert says
Honestly, through all this expert's ponderousness, I can't really tell what his thoughts are. No wonder he's the ex-safety superintendent.
"You can't make changes to 100,000 tank cars based on potential problems." Of course you can. Actually, you should. You really must. These tanks are traveling through city centres, full of thousands of people. You leave these potential problems alone, and when something occurs, such as one blowing the fuck up, then you've got a major disaster that you caused. It's murder by numbers. Someone doesn't want to boney up the cash to do anything, and thus we're left to worry when these death machines will rock our neighbourhoods.

Oppose Bill C-51

Bill C-51 is odious. It needs to be opposed, especially by the fucking Liberals. Support for this bill is support for fascism. Fuck the Liberals if they vote for this piece of shit legislation!