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I knew something stunk about the Conservative's surplus

Where's the bodies?
In this case, where's the expected deficit?
The Ottawa Citizen has the answer.
$8.7 billion went unspent by the government, this year, which clawed back this money from programs and services across Canada after it had already been allocated for spending.
That's bad. That's actually incredibly irresponsible. It's damn near criminal.
I know my own family had work relying on federal monies this past summer, and then the money simply vanished, and the bottom fell out of our plans. We really had to scramble about these past few months after we had expected to be working.
And if my family was hit by this, then I can imagine hundreds more families like mine were also affected by this, and hundreds of businesses, too. That's thousands and thousands of workers. That's real money that's disappearing from the economy. That's work that disappears, and jobs that are lost.
What's worse is the government clawed back $8.7 billion from the real economy, and they still only had a $1.9 billion surplus. That's laughable.
News organizations were quick to bury the stories of the $1.9 billion surplus, probably because of this news. $8.7 billion is a huge number, and people, even dim ones like me, can put two and two together, and end up with the answer it was the government that robbed me of work.
At any rate, shows what I know. I underestimated this government, big time. I had thought they'd fudged $3 billion at most. $8.7 billion, on the other hand, is more than twice my estimate, and is nearly impressive.
All this money disappearing from the real economy also probably explains Canada entering into recession, recently. Well, to be honest, Canada's recession probably has a few contributing factors, such as the Chinese stock market crash, and the low price of oil. But with proper controls in place, Canada shouldn't have been experiencing too much turmoil from those events. Not that Canada has those proper controls, but whatever.
In a nation full of fresh water lakes and rivers, we should be able to find at least a paddle to steer the Canadian economy away from trouble, right? A couple of J strokes, and we're sailing clear of trouble.
Anyway, this is the sort of decision that actually hurts people. I hope people make the Conservatives hurt in return at the voting booth.


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