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The NDP's Morgan Wheeldon mess

I'm angry about this.
Wheeldon's comments were certainly provocative, but they shouldn't have gotten him expelled from the party.
The NDP has betrayed this candidate, those who support Wheeldon, and those who think as Wheeldon does. There's simply no other way to put this. It's absolute betrayal.
I'm voting left of the NDP, this year, albeit that won't be too difficult to do. The NDP's moved so far right, it's no longer recognizable.
In all honesty, when the NDP does as they do, that's simply alarming to me. I'm First Nations. I find more in common with the Palestinians than the Israelis. A small indigenous population subjugated and displaced by colonialists from Europe.
I had been thinking of supporting the NDP, this election, but this has seriously chased me away. I want nothing to do with them, now. Support your members, right or wrong, NDP. Show some god damned loyalty!


  1. Very well said - and I totally understand your viewpoint. Sad to see how far the NDP feels it has to go to be electable. I will vote NDP - simply because Harper is worse - much worse.


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